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Having car problems can be very frustrating, especially when you are relying on your car running nicely. When car issues arise, calling an expert is often the best solution. MPH Automotive is a fairly new business owned and run by Michael P Hornig, a professional motor vehicle mechanic who spent years training as an apprentice at Supamek in Woodstow, receiving his professional training from some of the best mechanics offering car servicing in Peterborough.

About MPH Automotive

MPH Automotive is located in Yaxley, Peterborough. Although considered new in the industry, car owners can get the best car servicing available in the city. With a fully qualified motor vehicle technician and MOT tester, MPH offers a quality service backed by years of experience, along with the use of reliable equipment.

Services Offered by MPH Automotive

MOT testing is one of the many specialized services offered at MPH. They know whether your car will pass the MOT test for automobile safety, road worthiness, and exhaust emission. The testing crew at MPH have 10 years of experience, thus making them a good choice for testing for MOT. The test costs £45, with free re-test if needed.

Other services offered by MPH include computer diagnostics, cambelt changes, breaks, exhaust services, and many more. Fleet contract work is also included in the list of services offered by MPH. If you are buying a new car, you can also go to MPH and ask for a pre-purchase inspection to ensure that your money is well spent, before investing in a new vehicle.

One notable service offered by MPH, is repair services for new vehicles without compromising manufacturer’s warranty. This is a wonderful service that guarantees any repairs done to your vehicle. If there is something wrong with your car and you want the repairs to be done without harming the warranty, MPH is there to help you.

MPH Automotive now accepts credit and debit cards for payment. Now, you can pay repairs and tests by Visa or Mastercard using chip-and-pin, or by telephone. This is another great service that will be advantageous for many people who have trouble paying in cash.

MPH also offers reasonable rates for car repairs. You can call them now and get reliable and affordable car servicing Peterborough.

About the Owner

The owner of MPH Automotive is Michael P Hornig. He has been a motor vehicle mechanic for over 11 years now. He specializes in diesels, has worked with some of the main dealers, MOT testing, and has also spent 3 years specializing in performance and prestige motor vehicles.

With his experience and expertise in motor vehicle repair, every car owner can be confident knowing that their vehicle is in the hands of an expert.

If your car has issues, call MPH Automotive and get the best car repair in town. You can reach them by tel. 01733 248 442 and mobile. 07984 648 575. Alternatively you can just use the contact page on this website.

For major or minor car repair, MPH Automotive is among the best in Peterborough. Call now and get a competitive rate for all your vehicle needs.



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